Tyler Foote: (530) 292-3478  |  Oregon House:  (530) 692-9073 | Searls Avenue: (530) 292-3478

Tyler Foote: (530) 292-3478
Oregon House:  (530) 692-9073

Our Mission, Vision, Values & History

Mission Statement

To provide quality healthcare and promote physical and mental wellness for the members of our rural communities.

Vision Statement

We strive to practice a model of “collaborative health care” where patients and staff work cooperatively to aid patients in achieving their healthcare goals and aspirations. We act as a resource for our rural communities that inspires hope and cooperation. This contributes to the well-being of patients, staff, and our communities.

Our Story

SFMC was founded in 1982, when Dr. Peter Van Houten opened a rural private medical practice in the geographically isolated area of Nevada County known  as North San Juan. The full-service family practice had two physicians, two nurse practitioners, and 24/7 medical-call.

In 1994, Dr. Van Houten donated his practice and founded Sierra Family Medical Clinic as a non-profit corporation, serving continuously as the main family physician and Medical Director, and at times the CEO.

Expanding its location at Tyler Foote in 1997, the health center integrated behavioral health and dental care services on site in 2004, while doubling its overall capacity and inaugurating preliminary telemedicine capabilities.

In 2016 Sierra Family was awarded Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status through the US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

In 2020, chiropractic services were added, and SFHC continue to develop quality care services to meet the needs of the communities it serves. It expanded service sites to include Oregon House in 2015, Providence Mine in 2021, and Searls Avenue in 2023.

Sierra Family’s Collaborative Healthcare Approach encourages patients and their healthcare practitioner to work as partners. Sierra Family’s care is based on three simple pillars: kindness, integrity and transparency. These are the attitudes that all staff members are encouraged to embrace as they provide quality healthcare services to its patients and to work together as a team.

Core Values



We consciously accept everyone with their own unique life choices and aspirations. We recognize their freedom to make their own choices about their healthcare.


We have heartfelt connections with and empathy toward all with whom we serve and collaborate. We always keep their welfare and life realities in mind in our work with them.


We hold true to the most recent medical evidence. We seek out and adhere the highest practice standards of quality healthcare. We aim to be a model of best practices in medical care. There is constant attention to quality improvement by all staff members.


We work harmoniously with the other Rural Health Care providers and Community groups to provide care to our patients. We work with our team members to provide great service and care. We discover the aspirations and healthcare goals of our patients.


We are careful and responsible with our human and financial resources. Healthcare resources belong to the community, and we make decisions about our resources based on the needs of our community.

Cultural Awareness

We listen to understand the unique circumstances and life history of our patients. We strive to see our patients’ experience of healthcare through their eyes as influenced by their life experiences and their values.